"Can you make a mat for my vehicle?" 

That's how Select Auto Mats started, but lets go back a bit.. 

Rugs for Bugs has been making mats and rugs for Volkswagen cars, vans and campers for years. A company born out of passion and a love for VW and cool vehicles in general Rugs For Bugs is a staple on the VW scene at shows and meet ups throughout the UK and has a well earned reputation for quality and service. The success of Rugs For Bugs and the inevitable, 'that's cool, wish I could get that for my car', meant that Select Auto Mats was a natural progression of the company.

So here we are. Select Auto Mats is a new sister company to Rugs For Bugs so we can share the same great mats, rugs and carpets we create for VWs with all car and vehicle enthusiasts and those who just want something unique for their ride. 

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